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Our Vision

Our Vision

  • We dare to dream of a place where lost people can find God, hurting people can find healing, and all people can find love.

  • We dare to dream welcoming thousands into membership in our church family, developing each individual to spiritual maturity, and equipping them for a significant ministry in the body of Christ. 

  • We dare to dream of a church that is passionate for evangelism, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the thousands of residents of Vandalia, Fayette County & the entire region. Establishing new church plants both domestically and on every continent. Sending hundreds of members on short-term mission projects around the world. 

  • We dare to dream of an army of lay ministers,  committed to using their God-giving gifts, talents, energy, and resources to achieve excellence and spiritual impact in every ministry of the church. 

  • We dare to dream of a congregation mature enough to embrace Apostolic truth and Biblical holiness, yet compassionate enough to include people at any stage in their walk with God. 

  • We dare to dream of a church campus on fifty acres of land, housing beautiful yet simple facilities including a worship center where people can experience God's presence, an Education /Training Center where short or long term internships, men and women are developed into successful and prosperous labors for the harvest. A Prayer Center where people can hear God's voice and a Family Center here people can fellowship with God's children, all set up in a peaceful, inspiring garden landscape. 

  • We dare to dream of a church family who loves, learns, lives, laugh and labor together. Where everyone is included, anyone can be involved and no one feels insignificant. 

  • We dare to dream of people who will pray in harmony, give with generosity, work in unity and worship with expectancy until God hears from HEaven and heals our land with a visitation of his glory int he city of Vandalia and this region. 

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