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Food Pantry

2nd Saturday of the Month from 9am-12pm

On Saturday, October 20, 2007, Family Worship Center opened it's Food Pantry. 

In the first six weeks, over 150 people utilized this no obligation, no cost community ministry. The Food Pantry has served over 16,000 individuals.

The mission of the Food Pantry is to provide those living below Illinois DHS income levels with canned goods, dry goods, and even frozen food items.


Those in the area needing assistance may visit the food pantry once a month, and according to the size of the family, is able to receive portioned amounts to help off-set food cost in the household. 

The Food Pantry is open the 2nd Saturday of each month. 9am - noon.

Location: 1803 Janette Dr. Vandalia, IL 62471


Jonathan Davis
Sylvia Davis


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