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If you are interested in being taught a Bible study please let us know and we will get you set up with someone ASAP.





 WHEN WALKING out of a dark room into the sunshine, light can be blinding. As our eyes              become accustomed to the light, we can see more clearly and enjoy the scenery that             surrounds us.   Likewise, when we look into the light of the scriptures, the brightness of truth can sometimes hurt. However, as our spiritual eyesight becomes adjusted we can enjoy "walking in the light".

This Bible study is designed to allow us to "walk" into the marvelous light of the Word of God. We will be journeying into the scriptures by imagining we are back in the days of Jesus and the Apostles, listening to them teach and preach the plan of salvation. In order to do this, we will be careful to "rightly" divide the word of the truth (2 Timothy 2:15) by concentrating on the highlights of the three main divisions of the New Testament in chronological order, including:

1. THE GOSPELS – covering the words and works of Jesus Christ

2. THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES -covering the actions and preaching of the Apostles

3. THE EPISTLES - covering the letters written by the Apostles to the churches they started in the Book of Acts.





A 5 session Bible Study This compact Bible Study is just 5 lessons, but covers the most critical salvation doctrines and related issues. It is taught from the perspective that we are constantly drawn by, and supported by, the wonderful grace of God - His unmerited favor! As you journey through the Scriptures, you’ll discover God’s grace and mercy has been extended toward man from the very beginning.  Today,  that same grace and favor is reaching to all those who heart’s are hungry and spirit’s are thirsty for a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.



A 12 session Bible Study

Containing 12 intricate lessons, this home Bible study begins with an introduction to the Bible, describes the beginning of time and God's covenant with man, follows God's people through the wilderness and dividing and restoration of the nation; and then introduces the student to the New Testament with Christ's New Covenant, the gospel, the history of the church, and ends with the end time prophecy and the glorious future of the church. The large, spiral-bound, four-color chart for this Bible study is 19" x 25" in size, offers students 80 attention-grabbing, updated pictures and are available in two different sizes.

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