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Rev. Ginger S. Zimmerman

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Rev. Ginger Zimmerman is a 4th generation Apostolic and 2nd generation Apostolic minister. Growing up in rural Western Maryland and in the home of a minister, she has been involved in ministry all her life. 


Ginger received the Holy Ghost in 1981 when she was nine years old. God called her to preach in 1985. Ginger was 12 years old at that time and has been involved in active ministry for over 30 years, having preached her first message when she was 15 years old. Ginger is a1995 graduate of Indiana Bible College with a Bachelor's Degree in Theology.

Ever since she was young, Ginger knew she was destined for a lifetime devoted to the service of others. She has been a Youth Pastor, Outreach Director, Life Care Pastor, Associate Pastor and Evangelist.


She has preached revivals and evangelized in 15 states, the Navajo Nation in New Mexico and Argentina. She has served in churches in Indiana, Maryland, West Virginia & Illinois. Currently, Ginger serves as Director of Ministries at Family Worship Center in Vandalia, IL.

When not invovled with church activities, Ginger enjoys reading and genealogy. Ginger also is an avid history buff and enjoys expoloring battlefields and other historic sites. Ginger resides in Vandalia with her poodle, Sherlock.

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